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Multirall 200 portable and room to room

A portable overhead lift that also can be used for room-to-room transfers of a patient – with just one lift motor.

In many care environments, such as hospitals and nursing homes, the need for lifting aids in a room may be temporary, depending on the condition of the patient in question. In this case, a mobile lift or a portable overhead lift can be good alternatives.

The Multirall 200 lifts up to 440 lbs (200 kg). The Quick Release System and Extension Arm enable the motor to easily be attached to or removed from the ceiling rail. This makes the lift very easy to transport between rooms, without tools and with minimum effort.

When there is a need to transfer a patient – in a sitting position – between two rooms, the Multirall can be an excellent and cost-effective solution because it can be easily moved from one rail system to another using a transfer strap.

Multirall 200

Rails and Switches

Rails and switches
for superior application flexibility

Liko® offers the industry’s most complete assortment of ceiling rails and switches. The rails are available in a wide range of profile heights to meet varying application requirements. Liko's rails are made of strong, lightweight, aesthetically pleasing aluminum.

Below are examples of Liko® rail system solutions.

Ceiling rails

Rails and Switches

The rails are available in five profiles with different weight-bearing capacities. In most cases, the distance between the fixture points determines the choice of rail profiles. Wide intervals between fixture points demand a higher profile, while a ceiling-mounted rail with short distances between fixture points can have a lower profile. The H70 is the most economical choice and has a full range of switches and curve components.

Raised traverse rail carriers

Rails and Switches

These enable traverse rail to use minumum space. Are also available in a lower version to avoid lighting fixtures and sprinklers, etc.

Curtain systems

Rails and Switches

Liko® has developed several unique privacy curtain systems that are compatible with overhead lift systems and can be used in multi-patient rooms.

Charging options

Rails and Switches

Liko® offers three standard types of charging options.

  • Via the hand control, using a wall-mounted charger
  • MultiStation, charging at a specific point along the rail
  • In-rail charging, always connected to the power supply and always ready to lift.

Traverse switches

Rails and Switches

Traverse switches make it possible to go from a fixed rail to a traverse system, for example between different rooms.


Rails and Switches

With a turntable, the overhead lift motor can be directed onto tracks in four different directions.

Side rail switches

Rails and Switches

Facilitates switching between different rail systems. Choose between a manual and electrical system.

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